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Qld Fitness, Sport and Recreation, Skills Alliance has been providing advice, products and services to the industry and government for the past 20 years.



The Queensland Fitness, Sport & Recreation (QFSR) Skills Alliance is the peak body for workforce development of our industry in Queensland.

QFSR Skills Alliance works closely with peak bodies, industry organisations and associations, employers and individuals to ensure we are the voice of the industry in relation to the skills and training needs and other workforce development issues.  This includes working with Service Skills Australia, and the Queensland and Australian governments.

A healthy vibrant industry ensures it has a trained and qualified workforce, that has up-to-date skills in adequate numbers to provide the services where they are required.

Proper workforce development assists industry to attract and retain workers.  In the fitness, sport and recreation industry this applies to both paid employees and volunteers.

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is that industry operates at maximum effectiveness, through a workforce that is skilled to meet the needs of the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist industry to achieve workforce development related outcomes 1) strategically by serving as a forum for industry stakeholders to identify issues and associated solutions to industry workforce development challenges, and 2) operationally by undertaking workforce development related projects and offering enterprise and sector/industry level products, services and advice.

We attempt to achieve this mission by:

  • providing advice to and working with government to deliver the annual workforce development plan on behalf of the fitness, sport and recreation industry throughout Queensland
  • supporting and encouraging industry networks to collaboratively work together to identify, influence and implement solutions to workforce development needs and challenges
  • collecting information from industry on issues, needs and trends, and reporting this information to both government and industry
  • brokering and undertaking projects that support workforce development in the industry
  • developing workforce planning and development products, services and information to assist industry to effectively attract, develop and retain its workforce
  • providing advice to training organisations, industry and government on industry training needs, products and expectations.


Policy Platform

Policy Platform

Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation (QFSR) Skills Alliance is a not-for profit industry workforce development peak body that leads and influences workforce development and innovation in Queensland’s fitness, sport, recreation and racing industries. Our vision is that industry operates at maximum effectiveness, through a workforce that is skilled to meet the needs of the industry. This can be challenging for a workforce that is dominated by micro, small and medium enterprises and heavily reliant on its volunteer workforce. We advocate for the skills and training needs of both the paid and unpaid (volunteer) workforce.

The Queensland fitness, sport, recreation and racing industries make a significant economic and social contribution to the state. Direct economic benefits are realised through hosting major and other sporting events, activity in the recreation and fitness sectors, and from building sporting and recreation infrastructure which provides jobs and employment. Indirect benefits are linked to preventative health agendas, increase in productivity, and social benefits that result from supporting communities through social inclusion and a sense of identity and connection to a community.

QFSR Skills Alliance advocates for Government policies and programs that support fitness, sport, recreation and racing organisations and recognise what they deliver and contribute at the state and local level. For example, with governments focus on increasing participation in sport and recreation and other physical activities, policies and programs must support and build the capacity of the industry’s workforce to enable them to deliver participation outcomes.
As large parts of the industry (and major events e.g. 2018 Commonwealth games) are driven by its volunteer (unpaid) workforce, government must also support these workers with assistance to improve industry governance, board capacity, financial viability and efficient administration.

QFSR Skills Alliance is well placed to work closely with industry on skills, training and workforce development issues and provide resources and advice to industry to support their operational needs. We have served the fitness, sport and recreation industry for more than 20 years in this capacity. We give a voice to those micro, small and medium size businesses and the not for profit sector that do not have reserves or capacity to engage directly with government to have their say and influence the decision making process. QFSR Skills Alliance plays a lead role engaging with industry and gathering advice on the skills and training needs of the Qld fitness, sport, recreation, and racing workforces.

The five year growth rates to November 2020 for Fitness Instructors, Sport Coaches, Instructors and Officials, and Sportspersons are all significantly higher (@ 22.8 to 35 per cent) than the all occupations growth rate of 8.3 per cent. The five year growth rate for Outdoor Adventure Guides is also slightly higher than the all occupations growth rate at 8.5 per cent to November 2020. Training to meet this jobs growth over the short, medium and long term requires careful planning to ensure there are new workers able to meet future industry growth, maintain current workforce numbers and replace workers lost through attrition rates. If government policy and investment are continued to be prioritised only on growth rates, the industry will not meet future demand for workers.

In 2017, QFSR Skills Alliance calls on the State Government to:

1. Recognise that the fitness, sport, recreation and racing industries makes a valued, significant economic contribution to Queensland through reflection in policy, program and investment decisions, including:

  • A holistic approach to fitness, sport, recreation and racing which recognises the industry contribution to a range of economic and social outcomes
  • Policy, program and investment decisions that recognise the positive impacts that fitness, sport, recreation and racing make to Queensland – economically, and through productivity gains, social and community cohesion, preventative health benefits and tourism links
  • Sport, recreation and racing activities connected with other policy agendas to help deliver broader economic, community and social development objectives

2. Prioritise strategic, responsive and flexible workforce development, skills and training programs and funding arrangements that support small to medium enterprises, including:

  • Industry capacity built by improving club and organisational governance, including skills and training programs and options that support the volunteer workforce (e.g. Club Central)
  • Flexible and responsive funding and investment regimes to meet the specific training needs of the industry (e.g. through the Annual Investment Plan)
  • Industry led and managed brokerage programs that could respond more quickly to ongoing, emergent skill and training needs
  • Programs that engage disadvantaged learner groups back into a learning environment or employment through the provision of work based skills and training options

3. Support industry led engagement models through QFSR Skills Alliance to identify the skills and training needs of the Queensland fitness, sport, recreation and racing industries, including:

  • Recognise and fund QFSR Skills Alliance as the peak body for workforce development and VET Industry Advisory Organisation for the fitness, sport, recreation and racing industries in Queensland
  • Recognise and fund QFSR Skills Alliance as a cross sector industry service organisation for the training activities being undertaken to support clubs and associations in Queensland
  • Utilise expertise of QFSR Skills Alliance to research and undertake industry intelligence in relation to skills and training needs of the fitness, sport, recreation and racing industries
  • Fund QFSR Skills Alliance to undertake research as an evidence base for future investment decisions to support the sustainability of the industry
Constitution and Membership

Constitution and Membership

Information about the QFSR Skills Alliance constitution is available here.

To become a QFSR Skills Alliance member, please complete one of the Membership Application Forms below or contact the office on 07 3367 0833.

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