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RTO Training

RTO Training

Training for RTOs in TAELLN411 Unit – Adult language, literacy and numeracy skills

Why do you need this training?

There is a growing awareness that people need to develop their language, literacy and numeracy over the whole of their life.

To ensure that LLN skills are addressed in vocational education, changes are being made to the TAE10 Training Package. In future, all trainers working in the Australian VET system may need to have the skills and knowledge needed
to address LLN skills as part of their vocational training and assessment.

Qld Fitness Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance is partnering with Blueprint Career Development to provide a flexible training option for trainers to upgrade the LLN component of their TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

If you currently hold a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment that did not include an LLN unit, you may be required to complete this unit.

LLN is a priority in all education settings. It makes good business sense to ensure that VET trainers in the Fitness Sport and Recreation industry have a good understanding and ability to support learner LLN needs.

This unit provides trainers with an understanding of LLN issues in training and assessment practice. The unit describes the skills and knowledge to:
• determine the core LLN requirements of training
• access specialist learning support
• customise training to support the development of core LLN skills.

Competency in this unit does not indicate specialist adult LLN practitioner skills. The unit is about being aware of the balance between the LLN demands of the training environment, the LLN requirements of the training program and the LLN skills of learners.

Course Delivery and Assessment
We understand how busy life can be so we are offering you the flexibility to undertake this training and assessment through an online component plus a half day workshop.

Cost  – Only $160 per person

Online training – Commence on enrolment

Information and links News and Articles

News and Articles

Workplace training: employer and employee perspectives – NCVER – October 2017

VET in Schools students: characteristics and post-school employment and training experiences – NCVER – Misko, Korbel, Blomberg, 2017

Finding the truth in the apprenticeship debate – Mitchell Institute – Peter Noonan and Sarah Pilcher – August 2017

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Lessons from a flexible learning program – Australian Policy Online – George Myconos, 2014, Brotherhood of St Laurence












Pre-Qualified Supplier (PQS)

Pre-Qualified Supplier (PQS)

The Queensland Government’s 2017-18 Annual VET Investment Plan provides a breakdown of the VET investment budget, a high level summary of the VET investment programs, and the priorities for government within these programs.

The plan outlines VET investment through the following key programs and strategic interventions:

  • Certificate 3 Guarantee
  • User Choice (apprenticeships and traineeships)
  • Higher Level Skills
  • Skilling Queenslanders for Work
  • Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS)
  • Public provider grants.

To be eligible to deliver training and assessment services subsidised by the Department of Education and Training (DET) through one of its VET Investment Plan funded programs, a registered training organisation (RTO) must have pre-qualified supplier (PQS) status.

For more information about how to become a PQS click here.  New RTOs entering the VET market are strongly encouraged to view the DET documentation.



Training Packages

Training Packages

SIS – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package (Release 2.0)


RGR08 – Racing Training Package (Release 2.0)